Pilar Bayona Archive
Antonio Bayona - Julián Gómez

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The Pilar Bayona Archive is an association which holds all the documentation related to the professional and social life of Pilar Bayona.
At the death of Carmen Bayona who outlived her sister Pilar until 1996, all the family legacy was passed on to her nephews.

Her nephew Antonio Bayona and the librarian Julián Gómez begin to guard and manage this documentation.

In view of all existing information, it became necessary to revise it. Although relatively well conserved, it was lacking order and needed to be catalogued, a common situation in that time as they did not have the computer technology of today. And so the Archive has developed database about her concerts, correspondence, scores, press (articles and reviews), and also has put into archives photos, books and other dedicated objects.

All this labour widens continually with the search of documents, photographs and recordings which do not exist in the Archive, with the research on new bibliography dealing with the figure of Pilar Bayona, and with the possible attainment of documentation that other people have, with whom she had contact.

The Pilar Bayona Archive is a private Personal Archive. Currently the collection is located in Saragossa.  The Aragonese Government will accept in the near future all this assets to be preserved in the Aragonese Institut of Contemporary Art and Culture (IAACC), hosted in Pablo Serrano Museum.

If you want to contact with us please use the phone number at the beguinning of this page, or write to archivo@pilarbayona.es.


Pilar Bayona Archive hold this webpage from March 2000